Denture Repairs

Here at Strath Hill Denture Clinic, we understand that accidents happen.
Dentures can be subject to a lot of wear and tear during your everyday routines and occasionally things can go wrong.

Professional Repairs

Do not try to repair your dentures yourself as common adhesives are not fit for purpose and are not safe for use inside of your mouth.

Your dentures are designed to hold up to the daily rigours of chewing and grinding. Often a DIY fix, can leave you feeling uncomfortable and can result in having to have a whole new set of dentures made.

Drop in and speak to us, show us your problem and we can repair your broken pallet, chipped tooth, snapped metal clips and even adjust your current dentures to add an extra tooth, if you’ve had an additional extraction or dental work.

If it is an emergency, we can arrange a priority appointment for your dentures to be repaired and have them back to what they were quickly, effectively and fitting comfortably again.

Our Services & Product Guarantee

We make our dentures to an excellent standard and we stand by our craftsmanship. We will repair dentures that we have made for you, for free if you accidentally break them.

No referral necessary

Book an Appointment

Call us to book an appointment or come into our centre to discuss your own needs.
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