No matter what sport you participate in, we can make you a custom mouthguard to suit.

Our custom mouthguards are dual laminate 6mm thick positive pressure formed guard. We create this guard using a 2mm clear laminated blank followed by a 4mm coloured blank that is pressure formed over the top. This is the same type of mouthguard you see a professional athlete using.

Quality & design

Made from premium materials and designed to last, our purpose made mouthguards will feel more comfortable that any off the shelf single piece, boil and bite mouthguard from a sports shop.

We cater for all sports, including high impact sports, such as Mixed Martial Arts and boxing.

We offer two-piece mouthguards for most sports and a premium four-piece mouthguard for those higher impact sports.

Our custom-made mouthguards vs off-the-shelf mouthguards

Over the counter mouthguards, otherwise known as ‘Boil and Bite’, appear to be great value, but they do not offer as much comfort or protection as our custom-made mouthguards.

They can often lose their shape as your body and mouth warms up during exercise, changing shape, causing discomfort and losing effectiveness. The premium materials used in our custom-made mouthguards do not warp with additional heat and continue to offer maximum protection and comfort no matter what you do.

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