Partial Dentures

Whether your missing one tooth or more. A partial denture is a more affordable option than a bridge or implant.

A partial denture customised to your mouth’s requirements can restore your ability to chew and speak more naturally. Tailoring and individually designing your partial dentures they can be so good that you – and others – may not even notice that you have them at all.

They are not only used for aesthetic reasons. They help prevent the loss of your natural teeth by holding space, take the load of your natural dentition, function better when you eat and they are an affordable option.

Which partial denture is for me? Acrylic or Metal?

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Acrylic Partial Dentures

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all your teeth the Digital Denture Centre has the right solution for you.

Made totally on site here in Bendigo, these are a rigid, acrylic resin material that are the same colour as your gums with acrylic resin teeth attached.

Held in place using metal clasps which grip onto surrounding natural teeth, they are secure and safe for everyday use. When in place, the metal is partially or fully covered by your lips and rarely noticeable.

Metal Partial Dentures

These have an alloy base, made up of chrome cobalt. It’s very strong and moulded to match the contours of your mouth.

Metal clasps are usually attached to the metal base, giving it a strong and secure fit, taking some of the load off your existing teeth.

Latest Technology & Methods

With our in-house cutting edge Trios scanner  we can scan your existing teeth and gums, before you have any dental extractions.

Once you have had the extractions performed by your dentist, we can create your dentures in a matter of days.

Without the messy and uncomfortable impressions and time consuming, labour intensive manufacturing process, we can have your perfectly fitting new teeth with you when you are ready for them.

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